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Creating of Vouchers

To create new vouchers, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Vouchers tab from your dashboard.
  2. Click on the Add New Voucher button on the top right corner.

Conditions while creating new voucher

Voucher Count

Select the number of vouchers you want to create at once. From our UI dashboard you can create a maximum of 15 vouchers at once. If you want to increase this limit, please contact us. 

Start Date and End Date

The start and end date when the vouchers will be valid. If the voucher is validated beyond these dates, it will give an error code. (All the times are in UTC timezone)

1002 if the start date is in future from the current date

1003 if current date is in future from current date.


You can set the value of the vouchers using this field.

Value Unit

You can set the value unit for the voucher using this field. Currently we support 2 types of values unit.

ValueThis means the fixed amount that will be discounted from the customers transaction amount regardless of the total amount of the purchase. Example: if the value of vouchers is 50, then the customers will get discount of 50, even if the customers total purchase amount is 100 or 500.

Percentage: This means that the percentage of discount that the customer will get discount and it depends upon the total transaction amount of the customer. Example: if the value is set as 10 and value unit is set as percentage, the customer will get discount of 100 if the total transaction amount is 1000 and get a discount of 50 if the total transaction amount is 500.


The currency which you are using for your store.


This field can be used to enter any metadata from your side as your requirements and will not affect the actual functionality of the voucher. You can enter a maximum of 30 characters in this field.


This field is used if you want to lock the vouchers to a particular team member to be validated and redeemed. Other team members can not validate or make redemption for the locked vouchers. Each voucher can be locked to multiple team members. To lock the voucher, enter the team members id in this field separated by comma.

To know more about adding team member, please visit here.