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Creating of Messages

Campaign Name

This is for the internal reference to differentiate this message. (eg: Sending summer sale offer)

Email Details

Enter From Name

The name which you want to show on the From Name when the email is sent.

Enter From E-Mail Address

The email address from which you want to sent the messages. Enter the address without the domain name. (eg: if want to sent the message from address, then enter only john.smith.

Important: You must add domain under your account to send messages to your customers. To know more about adding domain under your account, please visit here

Enter Email Subject

Enter the subject of the message you will be sending to your customers

Email Body

Enter the body text for your email. Full html text is supported in this field and you can use the integrated WYSIWYG editor to create the email.

We provide the following personalised tag which can be used in the body of your email:

Full Name
E-Mail ID
Discount Code URL
Yes (Clicking on this will take users to a landing page where they will get their code)
Unsubscribe URL
Yes (we will automatically add this tag if not present)

Important: It is mandatory to use the %discount_code_url% in the body of the email. Clicking on this link will take the customers to the landing page where they can see the voucher generated on the fly.

Voucher Details

You can either choose the option to generate vouchers using the Vauchar System or you can send the codes which you have already generated from your own system.

If you want to generate of voucher codes through Vauchar

You have the following options when you want the Vauchar to generate discount codes for you.

Voucher Value: 

The value of the vouchers which will be generated for your customers.

Value Unit: 

You can set the value unit for the voucher using this field. Currently we support 2 types of values unit.

Value: This means the fixed amount that will be discounted from the customers transaction amount regardless of the total amount of the purchase. Example: if the value of vouchers is 50, then the customers will get discount of 50, even if the customers total purchase amount is 100 or 500.

Percentage: This means that the percentage of discount that the customer will get discount and it depends upon the total transaction amount of the customer. Example: if the value is set as 10 and value unit is set as percentage, the customer will get discount of 100 if the total transaction amount is 1000 and get a discount of 50 if the total transaction amount is 500.


The currency which you are using for your store.

Expiration of voucher

You can choose the voucher to be expire either on a fixed date or relative to the date from when the link on the email is clicked and voucher is generated for the particular customer:

Fixed Time (Expire at a fixed date)

Enter the date at which you want to expire the voucher.

Relative to time when voucher is created

If you want to expire the voucher after it is being generated, you can choose the options as:

Expire after: The relative time for ending the voucher from the date on which it is generate.

Expiry Time Unit: The relative time unit for ending the voucher from the date on which it is generate.

For example: if you want the vouchers to be expired after 5 days from the date of generation, you need to enter 5 in Expire after field and select days in the expiry time unit.


This field is used if you want to lock the vouchers to a particular team member to be validated and redeemed. Other team members can not validate or make redemption for the locked vouchers. Each voucher can be locked to multiple team members. To lock the voucher, enter the team members id in this field separated by comma.

To know more about adding team member, please visit here

Sending of your own codes (Only available on paid plans):

If you want to send the codes generated by your own system, you can enter the codes here separated by new line. Each customer will be given a single unique code, so make sure you have added enough codes as per your distribution list. If the codes are exhausted, no more codes will be distributed to new customers. However, the customers who have already received the code will be able to see the code which they have received earlier.