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What is Vauchar Engage and how does is work?

Vauchar Engage is an add on which provides the functionality to track the customers from your own web application or app and retarget them with discount codes to increase the retention of your store.

With Vauchar Engage, you will be getting the following benefits

Tracking of customers and their behaviours

Vauchar engage allows you to get better insights about your customers. You can add customers under your account directly from your application with just few lines of code.

You can track behaviours of every customers like last seen, joining date, total purchases, last purchase date, total redemptions and last redemption date. These parameters can be used for segmentation of customers by using our advanced filters to get better visibility about your business. 

Advanced filters can also be used to retarget the specific segment of customer by sending them emails with discount code url embedded directly into the emails.

Schedule of Auto Messages

You can also schedule auto messages which sends emails to your customers automatically with discount code embedded into the email using the advanced filters. The messages will be sent to the customers once at the first time when the conditions are met. 

You can track the performance of each auto messages using parameters like delivered, opens unique opens, clicks, unique clicks and failed messages

To know about setting up the auto messages please visit here

Embedded forms

We provide ready to use embed forms which you can directly embed into your own web pages or applications to collect the customer information and save directly the our system. To know more about using embed forms, please visit customers section.